Amplifon is the one and only global company in our industry focused purely on hearing care services. In New Zealand, we operate over 100 clinics from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island.

Amplifon strives to give our clients a premium experience by equipping our people with the necessary time, the right tools, the latest technology and the finest training from the moment they join.

Statistics NZ estimates that 9% of the New Zealand population lives with a hearing impairment. With the local work force unable to meet the growing demand for Audiologists, Amplifon New Zealand needs the best Audiologists from around the world to join us in our beautiful and diverse country.

With New Zealand consistently ranking high on every quality of life survey, this could be the change of scenery you’ve been looking for. And just incase you needed any more reasons to consider this working adventure, Amplifon New Zealand also offers:

  • A market-competitive salary, including a profit share bonus scheme.
  • Rewards through the High Achievers Club, where members receive share rights in the Amplifon Group.
  • Access to discounted health insurance for all employees.
  • Immigration support throughout the process to all overseas based candidates.
  • Assistance for successful candidates with the costs associated with moving countries, including the cost of your flight along with a rental car and accommodation for two weeks when you arrive.
  • Developmental support to become an expert audiologist or specialist, but also opportunities to expand your career in various other areas such as a trainer, a manager or leader, and beyond.
  • Ongoing opportunities for all our Clinicians to keep up to date with the latest in technology through internal and external training events.

Bay Audiology is the leading audiology service provider in New Zealand with over 70 stores and over 25 service points nationwide – twice as many as the next-largest provider.

At Bay Audiology we are committed to helping New Zealanders tackle their hearing difficulties with effective and affordable solutions. Nothing is more important to us than giving their hearing the finest care, and we love being able to improve our clients’ quality of life.

Find current vacancies at: careers.bayaudiology.co.nz

Dilworth Hearing was established back in 1960 by a group of ENT specialists. Their mission was to deliver a full range of audiology services to New Zealanders, and the highest quality care. It’s no surprise that much of our business comes through referrals by GPs wanting the very best advice and solutions for their clients.

Find current vacancies at: careers.dilworth.co.nz


New Zealand.


A Sunday stroll on the beach, a blood-pumping sports match, a new outdoor adventure, an absorbing walk around an exhibition, or a quiet glass of award winning New Zealand wine on your couch – there is every chance that New Zealand hosts all you need for any mood that could strike.

Our land is so diverse that it’s hard to believe that anyone could ever tire of it. New Zealanders, colloquially known as Kiwis, are well known for being friendly, inviting and are always happy to lend a helping hand.

New Zealand has a very good work-life balance — putting in a good day’s work and then making the most the many wonderful natural attractions at your doorstep is a common Kiwi lifestyle. And you never have to go far — beautiful beaches hug the coastline, with nearly three-quarters of all New Zealanders living within 5km (3 miles) of the beach. Or if you prefer the countryside, much of New Zealand is protected national park. See towering glaciers, waterfalls, green hills, subtropical forests, a volcanic plateau, vast plains and miles of beach.

Like the sound of this wonderful change of scenery? Amplifon New Zealand offers fulfilling careers for Audiologists overseas, with ongoing training and support. If you’d like to know more about working for Amplifon in New Zealand, click here.



New Zealanders, colloquially known as Kiwis, are well known for being friendly, inviting and are always happy to lend a helping hand. It won’t take you long to get to know our unique slang, and no doubt you’ll soon find yourself using that same lingo at a delicious barbeque with good friends.

New Zealand is a diverse patchwork of people, with cultures from all over the world. It’s rich history lies with the Māori, European, and Pacific Island cultures, with uniting features that make it truly unique. With our relatively isolated South Pacific location, many New Zealanders are independent and self-reliant, with the infamous ‘Kiwi ingenuity’.

Over three quarters of the population live in the North Island, with the remaining scattered across the South Island. The main cities are home to the majority of the population who are vibrant urban dwellers. The rest of the country is made up of smaller, homely towns with beautiful views in every direction, and a myriad of draw cards for different passers-by.


You never have to go far to immerse yourself in the beauty of New Zealand, whether it be zooming down a mountain on a bike track, to absorbing the sun on a sandy beach or walking though a beautiful park. In fact, no where in New Zealand is more than 100 km (60 miles) from the ocean.

With an innate appreciation for nature, much of New Zealand’s countryside is national park and is protected. It is so very green, with the landscape constantly changing as you move from the bottom of the South Island to the top of the North Island.

Like a little adrenalin spike? Many Kiwis definitely do, and that’s fortunate, because the country is built for it. There is always a new experience around the corner – some mild and some ridiculously adventurous. From off-road driving and zip lining to more exhilarating activities, such as white river rafting, canyoning or sky diving.


New Zealand has a range of Maori and Pacific performers and visual artists. Their distinct flavor carries through to almost every aspect of our culture. To experience it in its most authentic form, you can attend popular events including the Te Matatini National Festival showcasing Māori culture and talent, and Pasifika, the largest Polynesian festival in the world.

Yes, in general New Zealand has a strong attachment to rugby, but why wouldn’t we when we have the best team in the world in the All Blacks. As with the rest of New Zealand, there is a sport for everyone, whether you want to participate or spectate. Even if your idea of sport is getting a run in a day – with New Zealand’s great work-life balance, popping out for a run after work is easy.

New Zealand has many wonderful festivals, excellent galleries and interesting museums in most of its cities. International arts festivals alternate between Wellington and Auckland every year attracting big names, with some smaller local and specialty festivals scattered across the country though out the year. Kiwi’s are open to all cultures, with the increasingly popular Chinese Lantern Festival and Diwali festival of light testament to that.


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Clinician, Greymouth

Last September my wife and I decided to live outside the U.S. for a few years, and thought New Zealand would be a great choice personally and professionally. I was the director of audiology for a large ENT group and, at 59 years old, was looking for a different way to practice. I sent letters of interest to several audiology companies here and had conversations with them. By far my interaction with Amplifon (Bay Audiology) was the most professional and efficient. It included a role play with a simulated patient, and it turned out my style of interaction was well suited to their corporate philosophy.

Honestly, the process of getting to New Zealand was more difficult than we had thought it would be. Amplifon engaged an immigration consultant for us who made it significantly easier than if we had done it on our own.

Now that we are here (arrived in May 2016) we are loving it. We got lucky and are living on the West Coast of the South Island. If you’re looking for a change of lifestyle, environment, culture I would highly recommend considering having a discussion with Amplifon.

Charge Clinician, Lower Hutt

The process of applying to work in New Zealand was pretty straight forward in terms of getting hired by a clinic. Getting the paperwork ready for the NZQA and NZAS applications were a bit more of a challenge. However, once ready, the process went without a hitch. Bay’s trainers and supervisors were amazing at making sure you are ready and confident to sit the clinical exam. That being said, I very much appreciated that I would be able to start working right away as a Provisional Audiologist before sitting the exam, which was a great comfort to me moving here.

Working for Bay has been great! There is a lot of support coming from head office and the management team, and there is an important focus on work life balance. The job itself is very similar to what I did in Canada. I also appreciated the fact that there was an opportunity for me to quickly manage one of the clinics, which was a great stepping stone in my experience as an Audiologist.

As for living in New Zealand – NZ has a lot to offer for travellers. You don’t have to go far to see a spectacular landscape. It also has a lot to offer in its culture with its history, museums, theatre, music, movies (obviously!), cafés and restaurants. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here, and I am really happy I took this leap. For all Canadians considering this experience, I would say go for it. Only piece of advice: NZ can get colder then you think – bring a jacket!

Cluster Manager, New Plymouth

My husband and our 18 month old daughter moved to NZ from San Diego, California in 2007 with the intention of staying for a couple of years. We were looking for a change of pace and thought New Zealand would be the perfect choice given our love of the ocean and outdoors. We had lived in smaller towns in the past in Canada and wanted the same here in NZ. The first few months were a big adjustment, as it moving to a new country. However it was not long before we had a great network of friends. People are still curious to ask where we are from and how we ended up here. Working in provincial towns in New Zealand has always appealed to me mainly because as a working parent it is very easy to have that “work/life balance”. We do not have to consider long commutes as part of our working day, and New Zealand is beautiful, safe and people are very friendly!

When we applied for our work visas to come to NZ it was very straight forward and surprisingly fast once we had my contract offer and sponsorship from my employer. Because we were quite happy with what New Zealand had to offer our family and for our careers we decided to make this our permanent home. I love working for Amplifon because there are numerous opportunities available for professional development. I started as a clinician at a clinic in Gisborne and subsequently became a charge clinician in Napier, then New Plymouth and most recently I have started a new role as a cluster manager in the region we live in. Our company believes in investing in their employees which is evident with regular training available as well as support to attend National conferences. I would highly recommend the Amplifon group to new clinicians who are just starting their careers and to Audiologists who perhaps want a new challenge.

Cluster Manager & Clinical Trainer, Wellington

I completed an on line application and sent my CV. I was contacted by HR soon after and had 2 phone interviews about myself, my lifestyle and work experience. They wanted to make sure I would be a good fit with both the company values and be happy in the area I was to move. I accepted a contract after a couple months of deliberation (a big move across the world by yourself can be daunting!). Bay was helpful with any questions I had about obtaining the visa, moving, getting banking sorted, tips for finding accommodation, and any other things you would need in a new country. They put me in contact with another American audiologist at the company who had recently moved over, for some extra support. I like the NZ lifestyle, the people are friendly and always interested in your story of how you got here. It feels safe, and for a small country there is quite a lot of exploring to do! Travelling around the country is really easy as well (especially compared to coming from the States). It is also nice to be close to Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands for getaways. Bay is a great company that provides so much opportunity to challenge yourself as a clinician and explore other leadership options as well. The teams around the country and the team at support office make you feel very valued as an employee. It is a supportive and positive environment to work in, and we also like to have fun and celebrate our successes!